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What is ZX?

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ZX gas and convenience stores

ZX® is an American Brand, sold by an American company located right here in the Mid-west. In fact, the family company behind ZX® started right here in St. Louis in 1884 making the grease for wagon wheels during our country’s westward expansion.
ZX® takes it name from Zephyr® Express: a brand many customers in this area will recall.
First and always, ZX® is the brand to count on to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. It’s Guaranteed!
ZX® fuels are guaranteed to exceed U.S. Government specifications. Whether for gasoline, diesel, bio-fuels or ethanol based E-85, we will keep earning your trust with quality products refined right here in the U.S.A. We are committed to offering new, alternative fuels to you when they offer economic sense and reduce our country’s dependence on foreign crude oil based products.
You should know that your ZX® Dealer is a locally owned, independent business here in your area and is absolutely not owned by any major oil company or foreign country. Dollars you spend here at ZX® stay right here.

We are proud of our look and the quality of the products we offer to our customers. We appreciate your business. Thank you for fueling at ZX!


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