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Right Answer for Today's Independent Operators

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The Right Answer for Today's Independent Operators



  • ZXQuality Fuels - Guaranteed Gas -Wide Recognition
  • Superior credit card processing with once monthly fees and unbundled lower processing costs.
  • E-85, Bio-Diesel ULSD as well as all grades of gasoline both Reformulated and Conventional
  • ZX Paid Image Program subject to fuel volumes.
  • Six year Brand Agreement
  • Nightly pricing e-mails, electronic billing and EFT payment program.
  • Credit terms based on your business history and financial strength.
  • Dealer decides what fuels to offer. Maximize profits.
  • No mystery shopper programs - ever.
  • Far more flexibility to run your business than national brands allow.
  • Delivery by J. D. Streett & Co. drivers and tankers.
  • Strong regional advertising program paid for the ZX brand.
  • Branding requirements include cleanliness, professionalism and superior customer service.





Chuck Whelehon



Celebrating 125 years